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My name is Kevin Karp

I am a Trial Lawyer. I have been an Attorney in Reno area since 1979. I have 35 years of experience representing clients in various issues and I am now concentrating on representing you, focusing my practice in Personal Injury, Criminal Defense and Commercial Litigation.

What does this mean to you?

 When I am pushing back against a prosecutor or an insurance company representative, they know that if I say we'll go to court to make sure my client is treated fairly, I mean it. It's not just an idle threat from me.  It also means when a business client of mine gets threatened with litigation by a customer or by another business that they are having a dispute with, I know if the threat is valid or just puffing.   

I will fight for you

SO if you've had a family member die in an accident or if you have been injured in an accident yourself, been charged with a crime or are in need of a trial lawyer to represent you in a civil matter, call me. I am happy to say that over 75% of my clients are either personal referrals or repeat clients.In this day and age, you need a lawyer to protect your rights and your business. When that time comes, please give me a call.   

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